viernes, 28 de agosto de 2009

Greater Santo Domingo

SANTO DOMINGO. Greater Santo Domingo is not the same. Now, different from other times, the city is suffering from an accelerated visual contamination that has forced the authorities to redesign their policy of municipal clean up.

Informal merchants of clothes, food, fruits and other stuff, as well as scraped vehicles are frequently found on sidewalks, streets and avenues of the National District and the municipalities of Santo Domingo.

Streets such as San Vicente de Paul, Duarte, Mella, and barrios like Villa Consuelo, Villa Juana, Ensanche Ozama, Los Mina and others have been practically invaded by informal and ambulatory merchants, including stores and markets that offer their products on the sidewalks, blocking pedestrian traffic.


Recently, the Metropolitan Transit Authority (AMET) has taken 255 junk vehicles off of the streets. The operation will be increased over the next few days, together with the municipalities and the Justice Department, to get the useless vehicles off of the streets and sidewalks.

The traffic and transit regulating authority has also opened a hotline (809 686 6520) for persons to lodge complaints regarding occupied public spaces. The scraped vehicles that are removed are taken to the Duquesa sanitary landfill.

Another of the steps taken by the AMET was to prohibit parking cars and the placing of vendors on Charles Sumner Street. This measure will be applied to other streets in the capital over the coming days.


The Municipal government of the National District (ADN) has also reached an agreement with car dealers to prohibit the sale of vehicles on the sidewalks, also expects to toughen their campaign of cleaning up the National District.

But moreover they will identify the mobile vendors in order to regulate their situation and provide them with bibs.

Jesus Feliz

The mayor of North Santo Domingo, Jesus Feliz called the program a major challenge due to the informal commercial activity on the streets and that his people are carrying out a census in order to see how many non-regulated merchants there are in Villa Mella.

He pointed out that the municipality has to get the mechanics that work on the sidewalks off of the streets. A similar dilemma faces the municipalities

Of West and East Santo Domingo, both of which are working on plans to cope with the situation.


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